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ENG 315: Learning in Community

Student teams working on real projects with community partners
Open to all students, all majors, all levels

LINC is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-guided service-learning course in which students provide meaningful service through the conception, development, and implementation of projects in collaboration with non-profits and community partners. Each section of the course is dedicated to a nonprofit organization that has proposed one or more projects of importance to the organization. Review the options for Projects. There are both new and continuing partners each semester. Choose a section based upon your interests and/or skills or your desire to learn something new! Register for one section of ENG 315. Note that course sections are offered on a variety of days and times. 

Early in the semester you will meet a representative from your partner organization, learn more about the organization and its mission, and begin a semester project that addresses the needs of the organization. You will engage in a variety of research, service and fieldwork activities outside of class to gain knowledge needed for the project, and that knowledge is then discussed for understanding, applied, analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated in class. Class time is also used to help students delegate tasks, make decisions, process new information, engage in reflective discussions, learn core course content, collaborate with teammates, and receive guidance and feedback on the projects. Throughout the semester you will identify and explore topics that will assist you with the execution of your project. The semester concludes with a public poster presentation in which teams present the accomplishments of the project, value added to the community organization, and lessons learned.

As a result of this course you can expect to gain knowledge and skills in conducting research, understanding social and environmental issues, analyzing community and organizational needs and assets, defining problems, generating and analyzing solutions, identifying and mobilizing resources, project scoping, planning, and execution, teamwork and leadership, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, professional writing, and civic responsibility.






How might LINC count toward your degree?

LINC is a course offering of the College of Engineering and is open to all students at the University of Illinois. Students should check with their academic advisors about whether a LINC course can count toward program and degree requirements. Some options to consider:

Pre-approved elective for the Leadership Studies Minor

James Scholar Honors Program in College of Fine & Applied Arts

James Scholar Honors Program in College of Media

Technical elective for College of Engineering (specific sections with advisor approval)

Liberal Education Requirement for College of Engineering

Capstone projects in College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (with advisor approval)

Advanced hours in School of Earth, Society, and Environment

James Scholar Honors Credit Learning Agreements (special projects in addition to ENG 315 course requirements, with instructor approval)

iFoundry Innovation Certificate

Innovation, Leadership and Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate

Concentration or Elective courses in the Master of Public Health Program (for Project Managers in ENG 598: Applied Project Management)

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