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Derek Peterson Associate Director of Park Operations

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Organization Mission

Allerton's mission is to sustain the Legacy of Robert Allerton. Robert Allerton left the Park to the University for education, research and as a public park. Allerton is committed to those fundamentals.
Problems and/or Opportunities

Allerton is self supporting, so we are always looking for ways to improve what we have and to build in the more innovative ways possible. Carbon Neutrality is a way to both support the mission and improve our financial situation.

Solutions and Projects

To support our Carbon Neutrality Allerton is working on a Climate Action Plan. That plan will encompass many opportunities including but not limited to projects related to windmills, grass boiler systems for heat and cooling, solar power, solar village, waste water uses, water conservation methods, zero energy greenhouse production, geothermal systems, and many more. These are just ideas; Allerton can host many more projects, including the following...

Allerton Park Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Design and Implementation

Problems and/or Opportunities
The Allerton Park Wastewater Treatment Plant is outdated and has begun to show signs of ineffective treatment. Additionally, Allerton has concerns regarding the plant’s capacity to meet current needs and future growth. The treatment plant is a conventional Imhoff tank with a trickling filter and settling tank. Allerton staff have done a remarkable job maintaining and operating the plant to ensure compliance with the facility’s Clean Water Act, National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES) wastewater discharge permit. In recent years, however, new permit conditions and seasonal fluctuations in populations served, has caused the plant to not be able to consistently meet state standards.

Solutions and Projects

Allerton is self-supporting and making progress toward carbon neutrality through the development of a Climate Action Plan. To support this movement, it is important to identify an innovative yet sustainable wastewater treatment system. Allerton’s mission is to uphold the Legacy of Robert Allerton through education, research, and providing a public park. Sustainable design of the wastewater treatment plant is an avenue to support this mission and improve the financial situation of Allerton Park.

This multi-course initiative aims to identify the inefficiencies of the current wastewater treatment plant and to provide an analysis of possible replacement systems. This may include conventional treatment plants or a more sustainable design which uses biomimicry, Living Machine® or Eco Machine® technology to treat wastewater effectively enough to be reused on site, or, discharged to a receiving stream in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Projects needed: conduct a baseline operational analysis and examination of replacement systems; research on wastewater regulations; an analysis of seasonal fluctuations in the populations served; an analysis of future expansion and population demand; and research on potential funding sources for construction of a new wastewater treatment plant.

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