BGC: Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club 11:00-12:20 TR

Contact Information

Charles Burton, Unit Director
201 East Park Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Organization Mission

DMBGC's mission is to provide all youth with diverse programming and services in a nurturing environment that encourages them to maximize their full potential. DMBGC's major service to the community is operating an after school program for students in grades on K-12th. Programs include male mentoring initiative, life skills, arts and crafts, cultural arts, recreation, and teen services.
After School Program Profile
Attendance: 103
Race/Ethnicity: African American 80 (78%); Bi-racial 12 (12%); Caucasian 9 (9%); Hispanic 2 (1%)
Gender:  Male 59 (57%); Female 44 (43%)
Public Assistance: Food Stamps 38 (37%); Medicaid 38 (37%); Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 3 (3%); Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 5 (5%)
Single-parent Household: 65 (63%)
Free/Reduced School Lunch: 60 (58%)
Disability: 23 (22%)
Foster Care Involvement: 14 (14%)

Problems and/or Opportunities

In Champaign County, there is a critical need to engage and retain teens in after school programming. DMBGC offers a wide variety of opportunities and resources to impact the lives and futures of C-U teens, but it is challenging to get teens to come to the Club in order to benefit from these services. In addition, teens who are "at-risk" and are under-served in the areas of college and career readiness (including experience with or understanding of professional skills) often experience poor post-secondary outcomes as a result. There is a great opportunity to address these unmet needs through a collaborative partnership between LINC and DMBGC, which can help connect teens to effective programs. Eliminating education disparities will not happen overnight, but through focused efforts and service we can create social change.

Potential Projects

Through this course, students can expect to create a project that will impact the community in many ways through reaching youth in schools, churches, after school programs and in the juvenile detention center. Students can expect to engage in community-based experiences at DMBGC and other community sites.

Current and Potential Follow-up Project: 

The focus of the Fall semester project is to develop a curriculum for a program called Career Launch, which is structured to help the staff with training, services, and support necessary to instill a sense of professionalism, achievement, and understanding for the teens to prepare them when attempting to obtain employment. The curriculum includes structuring workshops that help teens explore their specific skill sets, building their resumes, improving their interviewing skills, and developing professionalism through the 8-10 week program. Using Career Launch's program/curriculum as a launching point, we hope to evaluate the effectiveness of the program by bringing in local businesses to interact with the teens and hosting a Career Fair at the club. We also could add to the program by creating a parallel program for adults.

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