CAD: AON Center for Community Arts and Development 2:00 - 3:20 TR

Contact Information

W Virgol Hawkins - President / CEO

803 W. Tawney Court

Organization Mission

It is the mission of the AON CCAD to transform the lives of our residents through its commitment to entrepreneurship, empowerment, self-reliance and education. The strength of this movement will be the development of meaningful partnerships by uniting public schools, community entrepreneurs, and organizations. It is through these unique relationships that the AON CCAD and its many partners will create innovative arts programs, challenging curriculum and social networks that will ultimately contribute to economic self-reliance, a better educated student, and a quality trained workforce that will lead to a greater community.

Problems and/or Opportunities

AON CCAD is a grass-roots, start up non-profit organization with little financial capital but have a wealth of up-to-date technology resources it shares with other community organizations to engage youth and young adults in technology based education areas. Our main goal is to increase the amount of social accountability among young adults throughout communities by utilizing high technology training as a foundation of providing mentoring and life skills that will contribute to more positive actions and communication among young adults. Volunteers are sought to help increase the overall programmatic approach, help increase program effectiveness and collection of information that supports youth participation and retention.

Solutions and Projects 

AON CCAD is in the beginning stages of seeking a location to implement a Community Media Center for Teens and Young Adults. We need space conducive to learning these high technology practices and also provide creative and supportive outlets for young adults throughout our communities. We would like to engage LINC students to help develop a solid community needs assessment for the Media Center that would lead to sustainable longevity of AON CCAD programs and services. In addition, we are also looking for proposing for design of the facility, curriculum and social media engagements that will grow awareness and increase capacity for participation and volunteer opportunities.

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