Campus Middle School for Girls

Contact Information:
Carmelita Nussbaum, Director
1203 W Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Organization Mission

Campus Middle School for Girls is an independent not for profit school that offers quality education for 25-30 middle school aged girls in grades 6-8. It provides individual attention and rigorous course offerings. Special emphasis is put on promoting girls interest in the fields of math and science. Dedicated and highly qualified teachers, small class sizes, the all-girls environment, and the strong belief that girls are highly talented in math and sciences are some of the key elements CMS is relying on to strengthen the individual students early attitude towards these subjects to prevent the loss of interest as it is so often the case.

CMS is collaborating with the University in many ways and it is an outreach partner with several UI outreach activities, many in the fields of sciences. CMS is located on the UI campus. Tuition is the only reliable income and we try to keep it the lowest in the Champaign-Urbana area.   This decision allows UI students who are parents and other low income families to consider CMS for their daughters. This results in a very tight and modest budget for CMS. Collaboration with LINC allows the opportunity for improvement in several key areas that would otherwise be postponed or not carried out at all.


Problems and/or Opportunities   

Developing an On-line Math Curriculum CMS offers a demanding math curriculum for middle school students.  Our vision is to put our curriculum on-line by further expanding our use of Moodle.  By creating an on-line math curriculum we can not only better individualize our instruction for students, but also move towards a better integrated use of technology.


Potential Solutions and Projects

Developing an On-line Math Curriculum In order to begin the process of putting our math curriculum on-line, LINC students can help us:

- Identify best practices for fully utilizing the blending of on-line and class instruction

- Explore how best to use and implement the technical aspects of on-line curriculum

- Work with our math teachers to begin the process of creating on-line curriculum and determining how best to start the process

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