CAP: Champaign-Urbana Area Project 3:30-4:50 TR

Contact Information

Patricia Avery
201 W. Springfield Ave., Champaign, IL 61820

Organization Mission

CUAP serves as a catalyst for citizens working together to address issues affecting them. Specifically, CUAP addresses juvenile delinquency and provides services to higher risk families and communities. The organization serves youth, from age 9 to 19, and their families. The organization is currently running four programs - Restorative Justice, Mentoring Young Sisters, Champaign County TimeBank, CUperStar Competition.

Problems and/or Opportunities

Currently the biggest problems are youth violence which affects graduation rates, and the most important issue is keeping them in school, at home, and out of trouble. There isn't significant research on demographics of juvenile delinquency in Champaign-Urbana. The unmet needs of most of the youth are related to poverty. However, the biggest challenge is parental involvement.

The LINC class's current goal has been to increase youth motivation in school which is being addressed through the development of a mentoring program that would provide youth in junior school with peer mentors.

Solutions and Projects

Parent mentoring program. I have always believed that if we could develop a parent mentoring program it would help the parent(s) become more engage and involved in their child's life. Many of the parents we work with have never had any life experiences outside of their current environments. Their child's horizon may be broadened through various outlets and programs but their parents experiences may be very limited to what is outside their front door. I think if we could develop a parent mentoring program that focuses on the parents' needs that would in turn help them to become a better parent to their child or children.

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