CAU: COVE Alliance Uganda 12:30-1:50 TR

To learn a little more about COVE, see the video that U of I students made for their indiegogo campaign:

Contact Information

Darlene Frantonius, Chairperson
22 Bruce Circle N.
Hawthorn Woods, Il 60047

Organization Mission

Cove Alliance is a 501(c)3 charitable organization serving the orphaned and disadvantaged children of Uganda. Our mission is to provide social services such as shelter, food, healthcare, and education in a Christian atmosphere that fosters acceptance, love, and shared responsibilities. Healthcare, education and vocational training will focus on breaking the cycle of poverty and preparing the children to sustain themselves and their families in the future.


1. COVE has acquired a 50 acre plot of land that needs to be developed into an agriculturally sustainable community via an agricultural business plan.
2. There is a need for a construction and design plan for an agricultural vocational school that can be implemented on the 50 acre plot for use by students and community alike.
3. Due to climate change, there is a need to research alternative methods to provide water to irrigate crops. Crops are grown on the campus to supply food for the children therefore it is necessary to irrigate during the dry season. Although COVE Uganda presently has a borehole (well), it would compromise the needs of the children on campus if it is also used to irrigate crops.
4. A plan to integrate interactive software/tools on the solar powered computers in the COVE extension center to provide a better education and marketplace literacy.
5. A plan for reliable power needs to be implemented for the entire campus so that equipment can run constantly, students can study at night, and computers can eventually be used.
6. The lack of awareness of COVE and other similar organizations on a collegiate level needs to be addressed in order to gain support.

Current Projects

Agriculture: Formulating a development plan with the following components: land assessment, land preparation, water storage, irrigation options, waste disposal/plumbing, and finally fencing options. There is a current list of possible construction companies to contract to do the land clearing for COVE. The development plan includes methods and processes, costs, equipment, labor, and issues for each of the above components to consider in the preparation of the land.

Vocational School Start-up Plan: Developing a step by step plan to provide COVE with sufficient information on successful implementation of vocational schools. Along with the Vocational School start up plan work is being done to administer a vocational school survey to provide COVE with additional information from existing programs along with a community questionnaire to assess the general perception of vocational education.

Land Assessment: Providing COVE with a Land Needs Assessment to develop an understanding of how the land can be successfully developed. Understanding the purpose of the land will allow COVE to utilize the land to its fullest potential. To enhance this document further, adding the findings from the surveys would allow for better analysis of how the land could be better utilized.

Further Potential Projects

1. Create plans for further infrastructure development for COVE Alliance that serves the purposes of a sufficient school, campus, and farm.
2. Develop a sustainable plan of action for waste disposal, plumbing, and land development that will minimize the environmental issues that were previously problematic at the St. Jerome campus.

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