CUH: C-U at Home 11:00-12:20 TR

Contact Information

Melany Jackson, Executive Director
PO Box 8816, Champaign, IL 61826

Organization Mission

C-U at Home engages and mobilizes our community to support the most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration. Our target population is those people residing in C-U who are more at risk of dying early unless their circumstances change. Other populations include the homeless who are recovering from addiction and homeless families.

Problems and/or Opportunities

We are a relatively new, grass-roots, start up non-profit organization with very little in financial resources. In addition to helping plan and implement educational community events, volunteers are needed to assist with recruiting a network of support professionals, and marketing our organization. We also need key skilled volunteers to help with case management, housing and fund development. General advocacy for the homeless and awareness is also very important in making our mission successful.

This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in shaping a new organization. Your contributions will alter the future of this organization. You will also engage in many activities where you will learn more about the complicated issues surrounding homelessness: mental health, addiction, family, physical health, finances, employment, prejudice, etc.

Solutions and Projects

Resident Outreach: As an introduction to homelessness, students will be asked to assist with The Canteen Run and The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen at least once.

In cooperation with the Salvation Army, Canteen Run volunteers drive a canteen truck throughout downtown Champaign-Urbana to offer compassion, food, drinks, shirts, underwear, blankets, information about agencies that can help the homeless and needy.

The Daily Bread Soup Kitchen serves a nutritious, hot meal during the lunch hour, 5 days a week, to an average of almost 200 guests per day in the New Covenant Church Fellowship Hall.

An ongoing Resident Outreach Team is needed to connect with the homeless in Champaign-Urbana on a personal level, to gather information and assist in referrals and collaboration to connect homeless residents with the assistance they need.

Event Logistics: C-U at Home conducts 3 large community-wide events each year to evaluate the needs of homeless individuals, raise funds and educate the community about the issue of homelessness. Students will gain valuable project management experience as they help plan and implement:

A homeless survey to identify the most at risk homeless individuals in Champaign-Urbana. All volunteers are needed to help with this event, which is critical to achieving the mission of C-U at Home.

One Winter Night:  a winter fundraising and awareness event in February where people sleep outside in a cardboard box for one night. Students can help plan and coordinate the event.

One Summer Day:  a summer fundraising and awareness event where volunteers push grocery carts to collect donations and raise donations for their walk.

Administrative Team: Help C-U at Home stay organized as we grow by performing data entry, data analysis, copying, filing, and many other clerical duties, including database administration and digital media. Another specific administrative project is developing and implementing an office procedures manual.

Drop-In Center: We are developing a new Daytime Drop-In Center to help the homeless. You can be a part of this exciting new endeavor. We hope that the center will provide phone and voice mail, an address, computers, daytime storage space, reading materials, music, movies, projects to work on, and more for those who are living on the streets.

Funding: Securing funding is critical to the continued success of C-U at Home. Grant coordinators can gain experience in both researching and writing grants while providing this valuable service.

Professional Recruitment: A wide variety of professional volunteers are needed to assist the residents being helped by C-U at Home. Professionals in the areas of mental health, substance abuse, healthcare, dentistry, financial management, veteran?s affairs and legal issues provide the care necessary to help the most at-risk homeless gain independence. The professional recruitment team will identify and connect with these professionals encouraging them to become a part of the C-U at Home team.

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