Fall '14 Projects

Please click on the partners below to receive more information about potential projects. Keep in mind that partner needs and areas of opportunity are evolving, and sometimes partners benefit from student help with scoping projects that would be valuable to their organizations.

LINC partners tend to be very open to discussing new ideas with each semester's students, thus students are encouraged to be open-minded about what activities and projects they may encounter in a LINC course and to demonstrate leadership by offering their own creative ideas for addressing partners' needs and interests. All of the LINC sections offer many opportunities to learn useful knowledge and skills and to make a positive difference in the community!

AP: Allerton Park 9:30-10:50 TR

CAU: COVE Alliance Uganda 11:00-12:20 TR

CUH: C-U at Home 12:30-1:50 TR

FSI: University of Illinois Fire Service Institute  12:30-1:50 TR

HCS: Haiti Clean Stove Project 11:00-12:20 TR

HID: Haiti Infrastructure and Development 5:00-6:20 TR

HKC: His Kid's Closet  5:00-6:20 TR

ISG: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Environmental Education Program  3:30-4:50 TR

MWP: Mali Water Project 3:30-4:50 TR

OKO: Old King's Orchard Community Center & KCPA Office of Engagement 2:00-3:20 TR

UES: City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Division 2:00-3:20 TR

WSB: Walking School Bus Program, Urbana School District  9:30-10:50 TR

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