HCS: Haiti Clean Stove Project 11:00 - 12:20 TR

Jafir Haidri, President



Organization Mission
The Haiti Clean Stove Project aims to design and implement improved cook stoves to replace charcoal and open fire cooking in Haiti. We are partnered with researchers, designers, and experts in improve cookstoves to assist us with technical aspects. Currently, the team is working on a pilot project in Leogane, Haiti to assess the viability of a sustainable clean stove enterprise. More about the project can be found here - http://youtu.be/HMDT_ksBtMU

Problems and/or Opportunities
The Haiti Clean Stove project team seeks to make a bigger impact to the community in Haiti. In order to initiate the pilot testing, we need to expose our group to donors and corporate sponsors. The expertise of most of our team members is in engineering and we have experienced difficulties in obtaining new grants. The project team is also exploring opportunities to create stronger partnerships with local organizations as well as entrepreneurs in Haiti.

Solutions and Projects
Based on our unmet needs, we would like to collaborate with ENG 315 LINC students on the following potential projects:
1. creating video pitches and documentary videos (using raw video from past trips) about the project to present to potential stakeholders
2. developing a proposal which will be used as a part of a fundraising campaign
3. developing instruction manuals for designing and constructing the stoves
4. further research on the efficiency and improvement of the clean stoves – emission/efficiency testing, research usage of bio-char produced from the stoves for purposes like soil amendment, computational fluid dynamics modeling on air flows inside of the stove

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