HKC: His Kid's Closet 5:00-6:20 TR

Contact Information

Carolyn Morris Founder & CEO

2712 Willowpark Dr. 

Champaign, IL 61821


Organization Mission 

His Kid's Closet's mission is to serve those in need by providing them with free clothing. The population served are Champaign and soon Urbana children ages 0-18. Donated clothing is collected and redistributed through school social workers or other liaisons.

Problems and/or Opportunities 

His Kid's Closet (HKC) is a budding non-profit. I've created an organizational structure with in which the students would basically be able to be the organization as it is blossoming. The higher level positions that I would hope that they would fill would include all VP level positions in the areas of Intake, Output, Finance, Growth and Future Planning, Marketing, Human Relations, and Process Improvement. Because this organization is in its infancy it affords students the opportunity to truly create something out of little or nothing. It gives them the freedom to exercise responsibility and take ownership like they may not have the opportunity to do for another decade.

Solutions and Projects 

Potential projects could focus around anything from 1) growth from serving a set number of children to serving more 2) acquiring a storefront to work out of and getting that storefront donated by having patrons pay with hash tag posts for the donor and His Kid's Closet (I'm thinking country fair shopping center) or 3) nailing down a good process and duplicating it in a neighboring town or even 4) creating paying jobs. The opportunities are endless.


HKC was incorporated as a Non-profit in November. Since that time we've begun operating in 4 schools and 1 church. I had the opportunity to speak with all the Unit 4 social workers on Monday and am currently talking about the next step with 3 elementary schools and 2 high schools. I anticipate that by next fall we will likely be in all the Unit 4 schools and possibly Urbana. Chambana Moms wrote an article about us and I anticipate things will only continue on this trajectory. I envision His Kid's Closet growing into services other than just kids clothing and I envision them in the poorest cities all over the country and all over the world. This is an opportunity for U of I students to not only be a part of something, but mold something that will be our modern day Salvation Army, and it will be benefitting the needy for centuries to come. Please check out or website and or Facebook page for more info.

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