Information for Project Managers

Each LINC project has a student Project Manager. You must apply, interview, and be selected for this responsibility. If chosen, you will be assigned a Partner and Project, and you will be registered for ENG 598: Applied Project Management. As a Project Manager, you facilitate the regularly scheduled ENG 315 sessions for a project (see the course schedule for meeting times), evaluate students’ work, serve as the primary liaison with the partner, manage the project, and participate in a weekly course session for Project Managers. For Spring '15 semester, one section of  ENG 598 is available: Fridays 10:00-11:50 a.m.. There is no salary, and you earn 4 credit hours via ENG 598. In many cases, two students will be assigned to co-manage a project.

Project Managers are required to participate in specialized pre-semester training for the LINC program, which includes orientation to the service-learning course structure and philosophy and training in classroom teaching skills and project management. This training is critical to the success of our program and is not optional. Candidates should not apply (or accept) a position unless this requirement can be fulfilled. Project Managers are expected to make arrangements in advance to eliminate potential conflicts with this required training.  Spring 2015 training is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday  (Jan 14-15, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.) plus a 90-minute microteaching session (Friday, Jan 16, various times available).  [Note: Graduate students with a conflict with campus-level TA training may be able to use LINC Project Manager Training to fulfill the training requirement. These cases should be discussed on an individual basis.]

ENG 598 counts as a pre-approved elective course for the Leadership Studies Minor.
Participating as a Project Manager in LINC enables you to complete most of the requirements for the Citizen Scholar Certificate.
Applicants must be graduate students, advanced undergraduates, or students with significant project management experience

Apply for Spring '15 positions ASAP for equal consideration.

Applications and interviews are rolling and will continue until positions are filled.

Spring 2015 Projects
More information on the duties of project managers
Frequently Asked Questions for Project Managers

Note to Applicants: Being a LINC Project Manager is a challenging and rewarding experience, and you are sure to learn a lot! However, please consider seriously whether you are truly able and willing to commit to the LINC program if an offer is extended to you after the interview. We invest a significant amount of time to the project manager interview process each semester, and we have many responsibilities to our LINC community partners, students, and the campus. If you accept a position, we’re really counting on you to follow through. Dropping out of ENG 598 once you make a commitment is not like changing your mind about a typical course. It does have a detrimental effect on a lot of other people and is damaging to the LINC program. Please help us out by being mindful of the big picture when applying for and accepting a project manager position.

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