Information for Project Partners

What are the selection criteria for Community Partners?

LINC Projects and Project Partners are selected using the following criteria:

Opportunities for Significant Learning
This course model focuses on project work that requires inquiry and the creation of deliverables, not merely direct service activities or "volunteering" for academic credit.  As such, projects selected must provide significant learning opportunities.

Potential Impact
Not all projects can be undertaken, so partners whose projects address critical needs and provide the combined greatest benefit to the organization/community and most significant educational experiences will be selected.

Level of Difficulty
Potential projects must be challenging, and within the capabilities of diverse undergraduates students.

Community Partner Commitment/Capacity of the Organization
A crucial element of project success is the commitment of individuals in the partner organization to work with the students to identify projects, specify the requirements, and provide ongoing critical feedback. Preference is given to those partner organizations who have the time/capacity and willingness to commit to such guidance and/or have demonstrated that capacity during a prior LINC project.

Established Community Connections/Partnerships
Projects must have significant potential to be executed with a partner organization and/or in collaboration with community stakeholders (i.e., projects should not be "hypothetical," but should address genuine community needs as identified by relevant community stakeholders.

Expected Duration
LINC projects will be a mix of short- (one semester to one year) and long-term (multi-year) projects; the short-term projects build confidence and help establish the relationship between the students and the project partner. Projects that span several semesters offer great opportunity to provide extensive educational experiences and to address problems of potentially high impact.

Who May Propose a Project?
Many types of organizations may propose LINC projects. In addition to non-profit agencies in the community and local schools, other less obvious entities may become project partners. University departments may have needs that can be met by the student teams. Research laboratories or centers may also become partners, and these partnerships may provide undergraduate research experiences beyond the traditional single-faculty, single-student model. Various international programs allow extension of the model beyond our local community to our global community.

Interested in Becoming a Project Partner?
If you are interested in becoming a Project Partner, please complete the Proposal Request for New Community Partners form.

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