LINC Project Videos

Allerton Park

Want to see the promotional video that LINC students made to encourage patrons to utilize the natural and cultural beauty of Allerton Park while highlighting the park's sustainability initiatives?  Check out this video by LINC students working with Allerton Park

Tory Dahlhoff created this video, Sustainability at Allerton Park, which features sustainability projects that have been developed with LINC students and support from the Student Sustainability Committee.

Bridge to China

Want to see what LINC students learned from building a bridge in Paomaping Town, Yunnan Province, China? Check out this video that U of I students made about Illinois Bridge to China. And, here is another video from the Wu Zhi Qiao Charitable Foundation that our Chinese student collaborabors created, chronicling the bridge construction process with all of the university teams in Paomaping. 

On another collaboration with Wu Zhi Qiao Foundation, LINC students participated in the site assessment, design process, and construction of a bridge in Awozhu Village, located in Dawazhe,Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Here is a video made by students from the participating Chinese universities, documenting the final trip. LINC students worked on maintenance tasks for the bridge and participated in other projects in the village, including the installation of electrical wiring in homes and the construction of eco-toilets.

City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Division

Want to see the Green Map for Urbana that LINC students created to show residents where green infrastructure is located within the city as well as learn about other green initiatives? Check out this website made by students working with the City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Division.

COVE Alliance Uganda

Want to learn more about LINC's partner, COVE Alliance Uganda?  Check out this indiegogo campaign video that U of I students made for a water tank for COVE.

C-U at Home

Want to see the PhotoVoice video that LINC students created to enable people who are homeless in Champaign-Urbana an opportunity to share their views and build awareness about the issue of homelessness? Check out this video from the C-U at Home PhotoVoice project.

LINC student, Man Hou, created this promotional video as her honors project. The video encourages community members to support the work of C-U at Home and to become a "Friend of the Phoenix Center," C-U at Home's daytime drop-in center. Check out her video, "Be a Friend of C-U at Home's Phoenix Center."

John St. Watershed Project

Want to see a testimonial that LINC students created with rain gardeners in the John St. Watershed? Check out this video from the John St. Watershed Project.

Mali Water Project

Want to see how LINC students are helping to improve the health, well-being, and prosperity of people in the global community? Check out this video made by LINC students working with the Mali Water Project.

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