MWP: Mali Water Project

Contact Information

Dr. Y. Osee Sanogo

23819 E Baintree Rd

Beachwood, OH 44122


Organization Mission

Provide easy access to clean water in the village of Konilo-Coura, Mali and thus enhance socio-economic development of the community by supporting education and agricultural activities.

Problems and/or Opportunities

The people in Konilo-Coura are largely dependent on agriculture to drive their economy. Most of them are of Bwa descent and speak Bwamu, though some speak and read French. The main water sources are a mix of public and private wells totaling nineteen water sources. Only one of these wells is a bored hole equipped with a hand pump, which was installed in 2007 by World Vision. The community contributed 100,000cfa ($210) to this effort, while World Vision covered the remaining costs.  Many residents live roughly one kilometer from this source and instead use shallow hand-dug wells closer to their homes that can be contaminated with waste from latrines, animals, and unsanitary buckets used to fetch water. Chloroform and E. Coli are the most prevalent biological contaminants, which have been found in community wells. There are also two drilled wells located in the community garden, which are underutilized due to the difficulty of retrieving water manually without a pulley-system pump.

Two main objectives of Mali Water Project include: (1) Design and implement a community water distribution system to improve water access, and (2) Construct bio-sand filters to improve water quality while building capacity in the village for their management. 

Solutions and Projects

Develop a water distribution system for the community. Support and enhance existing biosand filters and help the community develop a business plan to commercialize the technology and support education in the local school. Develop a partnership between the C-U community and the community in Mali through technology and skills transfer and cultural exchange.  Tasks include

  • Continue relationship-building with the community through regular phone calls with the village water committee
  • Engage with the project partner (Dr. Osee Sanogo) and integrate project feedback appropriately
  • Finalize plans for a system that allows easier access to water for the community (plans include implementation, education, maintenance, funding, and more)
  • Work with the community to monitor the existing biosand filter production and operations
  • Create a sustainable business plan cooperatively with the water committee to propagate the filters in the community and to neighboring communities
  • Establish and cultivate relationships with international NGOs and other relevant stakeholders

This project would benefit from involvement of students with the following skills:

·         French translational abilities

·         An interest in international development

·         Business/accounting/finance skills

·         Technical skills related to water storage or distribution systems

·         An interest in environmental sustainability

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