Project Manager Duties

Project Managers serve as the team leader with responsibilities to guide students through the LINC curriculum and their community-based project. Managers oversee all aspects of their assigned section and often work with a co-manager to serve in the following roles:

Community-University Liaison. You serve as the principal contact and manager of communications between students in your section, community partners, LINC program staff and key project stakeholders.

Project Manager. You will have responsibility for managing the project. This includes guiding students to assess community needs, scope out a project, figure out what work needs to be done, identify and mobilize resources, delegate work tasks to team members, enforce systems of accountability, monitor and control the quality of the deliverables, integrate feedback, adapt as needed, and ensure the project is properly closed out to the partner’s satisfaction.

Class Facilitator. You have primary responsibility for organizing and facilitating class sessions. Assignments, classroom activities, and other instructional resources are provided to assist managers in developing lesson plans that address course-wide content and are customized for their projects. The LINC course is inquiry-guided, and students are expected to take initiative outside of class to conduct research and gain knowledge needed for the project. The managers then facilitate classroom discussion and activities to help students understand, apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate that content. During class, managers help students delegate tasks, make decisions, process new information, engage in reflection, learn core course content, collaborate with teammates, receive guidance and feedback, and prepare for fieldwork outside of class. You will help students learn about social and environmental issues related to the project, methods of community problem-solving, teamwork, etc. You will also create opportunities to help your students become more self-directed in their project work and will support their leadership skill development.

Grader. You will have responsibility for assessing your students’ work, providing constructive feedback, and grading course-wide assignments according to the rubrics provided.

Student. Project Managers are also learners. You earn 4 credits for ENG 598: Applied Project Management and participate with other managers in a weekly professional development course offered on Fridays (10:00-11:50 p.m. or 1:00-2:50 p.m.). This course will provide preparation and ongoing support for your role as a project manager. You will learn content related to teaching, service-learning, and applied project management in a community-based context. You will complete assignments, practice activities needed for the LINC course, and receive feedback and guidance on issues related to managing students and the project.

In summary, Project Managers help students learn and be successful in the LINC course, and they manage the project to ensure that partners are satisfied and that the community is impacted in a positive way.

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